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10L-50L Glass Reactor Chemical Jacketed Reactor

Short Description:

- Multiple stage can be customized upon clients’ requests.

- electrical parts can be equipped with explosion-proof type    

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Capacity 10L~50L
Automatic Grade Automatic
Stirring Speed(rpm) 50-600 Rpm/min
Type Reaction Kettle
Core Components: Engine, Motor
Glass Material: High Borosilicate Glass 3.3
Working Temperatur: -100-250
Heating Method: Thermal Oil Heating
After Warranty Service: Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service

Product Description

● Product Attribute

Product Modle PGR-10 PGR-20 PGR-30 PGR-50
Volume(L) 10 20 30 50
Neck No.on Cover 6 6 6 6
External Diameter of Inner Vessel(mm) 230 290 330 365
External Diameter of Outer Vessel(mm) 180 330 365 265
Cover Diameter(mm) 265 265 265 265
Vessel Height(mm) 450 550 730 850
Motor Power(w) 140 140 140 140
Vacuum Degree(Mpa) 0.098 0.098 0.098 0.098
Rotation Speed(rpm) 50-600 50-600 50-600 50-600
Torque(Nm) 2.23 2.23 2.23 2.23
Power(V) 220 220 220 220
Diamension(mm) 650*650*1900 700*500*2000 700*500*2100 800*600*2300

● Product features
Glass reactor is with double glass design, the inner layer placed reaction solvent can do themixing reaction, the outer layer can be added with the different hot and coldsources (frozen liquid,hot oil) to do loop cooling or heating reaction. Under the conditions of constant temperature setting, the mixing reaction can be carried on insidethe sealed glass reactor according to requirements under the conditions of atmospheric pressure or negative pressure, and the dripping, refluxand distillation and stirring etc can also be done.


-120°C~300°C Chemical temperature


ln quiescent state,vacuum rate of its inner space can reach


Removable stainless steel frame


Stirring hole of the lidwill be sealed by alloysteel mechanical sealing part

1. Machine has a 304 stainless steel frame and moveable design. There are at least 5 preformed holes on the lid, which can help processing of liquid recycling, flowing in, temperature measuring, liquid adding, etc.

2. Main reactor body is made by G3.3 borosilicate glass. It can support chemical reaction temperature from -120 to 300 centigrade.

3. Glass reactor can work under vacuum and constant pressure. In quiescent state, vacuum rate of its inner space can reach -0.098MPa.

4.Stirring hole of the lid will be sealed by alloy steel mechanical sealing part. Connector is adopted PTFE material. Both of them will guarantee the vacuum rate of reactor inside space.

5.PT100 temperatue sensor, which is a high precision temperature measuring tool.

● Detailed Explanationof Structure
In working process , mixture will be stirred in reactor. At same time,inner space of reactor must be vacuum. When chilling liquid,water and heating meduim flows into jacketed layer, mixture will reach chemical reaction conditions. It will start distillation and extraction.

Double Layer Glass Stirred Tank Reactor01



Vacuum Gauge




Receiving Flask


Discharge Value


Lockable Casters


Control Box


Reactor Cover



Parts Customization

● Products can be customized according to requirements
Independent vapor riser can be adopted as per client's request, withthe vapor come into the condenser in downward direction, then liquidcan be refluxed from the liquid sealing flask under the condenser after condensing, therefore it avoids the second heating of menstruumcaused by traditional way that vapor and liquid flowing in samedirection, reflux, distillation, water separation etc can also be donewith better effec tsame as mass production process.

● Stirring paddle
Different types of stirring paddles(anchor, paddle, frame, impeller etc) can be selected.Fourraisedapron can be fired in the reactor as per client's request, so that fluid flowcan be interfered henmixing to get to a more ideal mixing effect.

● Reactor cover
Multi-necked reactor cover is made of 3.3 borosilicate glass, number of necks and sizes can be custom made.

● Vessel
Double glass jacketed reactor who has perfect effectand good sight can be made according to customer's requirements, whose jacket can be connected tovacuum pump to preserve the heat when makingultralow temperature reaction.


1. Are you trading company or manufacturer?
We are professional manufacturer of lab equipment and we have our own factory.

2. How long is your delivery time ?
Generally it is within 3 working days after receiving the payment if the goods are in stock. Or it is 5-10 working days if the goods are out of stock.

3. Do you provide samples? ls it free?
Yes, we could offer the sample. Considering the high value of our products,the sample is not free, but we'll give you our best price including shipping cost.

4. What is your terms of payment?
100% Payment before shipment or as negotiated terms with clients. For protecting clients' payment security, Trade Assurance Order is highly recommended.

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