Sanjing Chemglass


What Are The Operation Steps Of The Product1

1. Check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the specification provided by the machine plate.

2. 60% solvent should be filled first, then plug the power plug, turn on the power switch on the control box and choose the appropriate speed with speed regulation knob (show the speed in the display window at the same time). Adjust gradually from slow to fast.

3. The flow of material may produce resonance with the power of the motor speed at a certain point, please appropriately change the speed of motor to avoid resonance.

4. Connect the heat or cold source to the inlet and outlet of the glass reactor, the pressure is less than 0.1Mpa. (Attention: Do not use pressure steam for heating)

5. Connect vacuum pipe line to top of the condenser for testing the sealing performance. If the sealing was found not good, please check the conditions of mechanical seal and the tightness of screw, it should be adjusted if necessary.

6. Turn on the heating and cooling circulator for heating resistance test, the max temperature.: 250℃, the min temperature: -100℃. To ensure the safety usage, the temperature is OK if it is 20℃ more than the usage temperature.

7. When carrying on test under low-temperature, the bottom of discharge valve will be frost; when using the valve, firstly it must carry on local thawing and re-use to avoid mincing glass.

8. When need to use heating or cooling circulator, please don’t touch the high/low temperature parts to avoid the damage to the human body; In order to ensure the good heating effect, we suggest to use the oil supplied by us.

9. After the completion of installation, lock the wheels of the bracket to prevent movement.

Post time: Apr-19-2022