Sanjing Chemglass


What Are The Points To Note About The Product1

1. Pay attention to gently taking and putting it when dismounting the glass parts.

2. Wipe the interfaces with a soft cloth (napkin can be instead), and then spread a little vacuum grease. (After using the vacuum grease, it must be covered well to avoid entering dirt.)

3. The interfaces would not be twisted too tightly, which need carry on periodical loosening to avoid the seizure of connector as long-time lock.

4. Firstly turn on the power supply switch, and then make machine to run from slow to fast; when stopping the machine, the machine should be in stopping state, and then turn off the switch.

5. The PTFE valves everywhere can’t be tightened too hard, thus easily damaging the glass.

6. The oil stains, spot and solvents remaining on the machine surface should be removed often with a soft cloth to keep it clean.

7. After stopping the machine, loose the PTFE switches, the long-time stop in working condition will make PTFE piston distorted.

8. Regularly carry on cleaning to sealing ring, the method is: remove the sealing ring, check whether the shaft is with dirt, wipe it with a soft cloth, coat a little vacuum grease, re-install it and maintain the lubrication of shaft and sealing ring.

9. Electrical parts can’t inflow water without damp.

10. It must be purchased the authentic accessories of the original plant, the optional use of other parts will cause damage to the machine.

11. When carrying on any repair or inspection to the machine, firstly be sure to cut off the power supply and water supply.

Notes on product installation

1. Before installation, use, maintenance and inspection, please be sure to carefully read the contents of this manual to do proper use.

2. All glass parts should be cleaned and checked often to see if it is in good condition without damage on surface. Each standard opening and sealing surface should be coated with a small amount of vacuum silicone grease to increase the air tightness. Through the long-time use, the grease will be oxidized or hardened resulting in the difficult rotating or sticky death of the grinding opening parts. Therefore, before the grease hardens, please periodically remove the parts to wipe off the grease with a paper towel, and then re-use solvents such as toluene and xylene to carefully and cleanly wipe it. After the solvent has fully evaporated, and then re-spread the new vacuum grease. Please do not force it down if the grinding opening has already been sticky death, heating method (hot water, blowtorch) can be used to make solidified vacuum grease softened, and then demount it.

3. If crystal particles exist in reactor, stirring should be carried on when discharging, and rinse finally to avoid particles remain on the valve core, otherwise it will affect the sealing.

4. Power supply voltage must be consistent with it provided by this instrument.

5. The influence of electrical parts’ life and ambient temperature and humidity is very big. Please keep the good indoor ventilation.

6. Cut off the power supply within 5 minutes and do not touch the electrical parts, as the frequency converter and capacitance discharge, it may still be made people electrocuted.

7. When operating, pay attention to crashing and damage of the hard objects to the glass.

8. Suds should be used for lubrication firstly when connecting vacuum pipe and water pipe, be sure to carefully operate to avoid causing the injury to human body as excessive force broken glass.

Post time: Apr-19-2022